Responsibility Concept

Responsibility Concept

Idea of Responsibility:
Mission: Join hands and create a better life


Vision: Pursue excellence, develop China Resources Gas into a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness and achieve more profit than expected.


Values: honesty, performance-orientation, customer first, gratitude


Cultural Responsibility


☆Correct attitude towards performance, hard work and value; create good performance with hard work and earn high value with good performance


☆ Create a “Simple, Honest and Sunny” organizational culture


☆ Be strict with managers and friendly with employees


☆ Respect for human values, development of human potential, promotion of the human soul; protect the interests of employees, and maximize corporate value and employee value.


☆ Integrity is the cornerstone of China Resources Gas corporate culture and its bottom line.


☆ Provide customers with superior, environmentally friendly and user-friendly products and services that exceed customer expectations.


☆ Join hands for mutual benefit, common development and win-win cooperation.


☆ Seek business development without affecting the environment, obtain short-term benefits without sacrificing the long-term benefit of the environment, and beautify the workplace without harming employees’ health.


☆ Never reap profit at the expense of the health and lives of citizens, and never pursue temporary glory at the expense of damaging company brand.


☆ Be grateful and repay the society

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